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Christina McPhee wrote:

dear -empyreans-,

The disaster of the failed levees in New Orleans leaves us in a state of 'shock and awe' but not of the kind
President Bush has in mind.

New Orleans, isolated in flood, floods the screens in images and sounds of suffering.

A quick note. Patrick Lichty, long time empyrian, got this message out to the rhizome list earlier today...

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Sorry to bulk mail (small numbers), but I've been getting a lot of
letters of concerns, and with helping on the phone, doing the work, and
running interference, I'm pressed to answer everything individually.

I'm OK, for those who didn't know, my wife and family are based in Baton
Our house is ok, we lost some 6-inch boughs,and we're pretty certain
that the house was not damaged.
Took 3 days for the electricity to be restored, and the cell phones are
spotty, still.

My wife, Leigh and our three cats are still there, and they're OK.
This is where it gets dodgy.
Gas is disrupted.  There are 3-4 am gas station searches.
We have taken in several friends who are currently indefinitely
displaced.  My cat is appreciative of the kids who play with her
I'm very worried about violence spreading across the area, and the
potential for devastation of the general economy of two of the poorest
states in the nation is very high.  I'm waiting to see the result, but
we may have to sell if the area falls into depression.

New Orleans is screwed, though.  I can't talk about it too much right
now.  Let's leave it at that.

Your good wishes are appreciated, but I'm in good shape, and my wife is
in one piece.
We might have hard times ahead, but compared to the people starving in
New Orleans, we're golden.

Thanks again,
Patrick Lichty
Intelligent Agent Magazine
1556 Clough Street, #28
Bowling Green, OH 43402
225 288 5813

"It is better to die on your feet
than to live on your knees."

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