[-empyre-] translation--it's a class thing

Hi everyone,
I really enjoy the way this discussion has unfolded. I
appreciate everyone?s remarks and analysis on the
LowDrone. Just to quickly respond to some past
comments. In terms of the question of the
?real?--there was a specific limitation placed on us
by INSITE that our works not have a ?physical
presence.? In other words, the projects themselves
should only be experienced online. It would have been
great to activate the lowdrone with public flight
events during the opening of INSITE but that was
obviously not going to happen with Tijuana Calling.
Which takes us back to one of the initial questions
opening this discussion:

?What is the responsibility of artists when invited to
a site specific exhibition that s/he may have no
relation to?...  This same question may be further
complicated by the use of the Internet as a creative
medium when associated to site specificity and the
online translation of culture.?

I image these limitations placed on us was due, in
part, to avoid any confusion between the
?intervention? artists and the cyber artists. It seems
that the curatorial agenda, had in mind, specific
ideas to what public/physical works are and what net
art should be. (I?m still not sure where to place
these distinctions?and why one would even want to?)

With all this in mind, what I appreciate with
Dentimundo and the Lowdrone is that they do represent
a place outside of the net. Also, like Cybracero (no
Ryan I was never part of Cybracero) the lowdrone
embodies the idea of tele-presense and uses that form
of subjective displacement to create a transformative
experience. After all isn?t that what art should be
anyway? (at least for the surrealist that was the

In closing I?d like to add that Diana brings up many
interesting points? The consumption of art works is
part of the bourgeois experience and that goes double
for net art. Given that the digital divide cuts across
class lines makes one wonder who is consuming net
culture and at what price? This is a very basic
extension to what Diana had mentioned already but I
look forward to the ongoing discussion. More later.


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