Re: [-empyre-] the drone of metaphor and representation

Diana wrote:

Maybe I'd add another
level, which is just the usual public surfing around. both take aesthetic
clues from existing popular culture, rendering them both familiar and
exotic (depending on which side of the psychic border you stand on).
In this case, I am really curious about what Christina meant with
artlessness in reference to dentimundo?

Probably referring to my remark about Ricardo's art:

I've always loved the apparent artlessness of your online work

Here's the Wordnet synonyms for artlessness:

S: (n) artlessness (ingenuousness by virtue of being free from artful deceit) --- which leads us to

S: (n) ingenuousness (openly straightforward or frank)

and here the noun 'artlessness' is modified by 'apparent''....


semantically yrs,


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