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It is very hard joining so many discussion lists, I try first here in my own country to get more discussion going, so more of my energy is here. I have Proyekto site of directory of Philippine electronic/digital media - http://www.korakora.org/projects/?q=node/81 - and support for new Video Art initiative by Visual Pond - http://www.korakora.org/projects/?q=node/76 - site is only documentation of experiences, ideas of mostly offline projects, like fuzzy logic exhibit in October - http://www.korakora.org/projects/?q=node/157 - and for possible Phil digital art festival next year (but I am having hard time for health reasons).

Below is my email to the group fw here as requested. Maybe this get through?


Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 22:50:06 +0800 To: Rob van Kranenburg <kranenbu@xs4all.nl> From: Fatima Lasay <digiteer@ispx.com.ph> Subject: Re: PRNMS/education/ on -empyre- Aug 06

At 08:52 PM 8/18/2006 +0200, Rob van Kranenburg wrote:
Not only as a Dutch citizen ( albeit more time in lovely Ghent, Belgium), with a very indecent, violent and undignified history of colonization- but specifically because my expertise in this region is one of possibly relevant only in dialogue.

Hi Rob,

Then why not focus on this history (and present institutions) of colonization, which has a fundamental role in the shaping of current issues, rather than trying to help us "over here"? Wasn't it this history of colonization and its consequences that likewise prevented myself from attending the summit in the US?

Like the US, Holland has numerous issues to deal with domestically, it can be very challenging being in Holland (just as being here in the Philippines) if one faces those issues squarely. It is your own experience in dealing with your own local issues that I would be more interested in knowing.

See a related comment I made on an e-art event by Dutch media activists (below). Contrast this with a theatre group in Beirut. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/article.asp?edition_id=1&categ_id=1&article_id=74509

Then we can ask: I wonder, how such "int'l events" that receive funding from private institutions actually direct flows of knowledge and capital and to whose advantage. I wonder what kind of knowledge is generated by "Global WebJams" of the burning of Beirut by VJs and DJs based in the Netherlands, and what kind of ethical use of the "power of new media" is the call to "shout out for our friends in Lebanon and elsewhere to contact us if they want to join, share, participate in and contribute with their recent experiences and productions"If in the global electronic network, our brains are outside our skulls, then we are horribly vulnerable to global exploitation. These, what are now called "participation", "collaboration" and "new media activism", are in fact pseudo-games of non-participation.

I appreciate your work and enthusaism for the summit, and I feel sorry that I have not been able to meet you and the summit members there. But I continue my work with you and others in mind, because, as the cliche goes, we are all in this together.


Re: an e-art event on Lebanon's destruction http://www.korakora.org/wordpress/archives/82

Although such e-art events are mostly well-meaning, I think that what is most needed now are stronger intrsopections and challenging of our own work and positions as creative practitioners. We have enough "events" and rather need deep processes of internal re-thinking. For instance, I would be more interested in how the Waag Society and Streamtime are addressing the problems surrounding Dutch 'tolerance' and policies on 'integration' of migrants especially those from Muslim countries and Holland's former colonies.

Indeed, as life and the physical environment influence each other across the globe, one might say that the burning of a Muslim school in Holland may manifest itself in the death of a child in Lebanon.

The pain of the world is as great as the pain within all of us. It is most difficult to heal first from within.

The "call for interventions" for the "Global WebJam" is here. The text is reproduced below:

Global Webcast, Saturday, August 12 2006, 9-11 PM (CET) http://beirut.dischosting.nl | http://streamtime.org

Outraged at Israel's ongoing aggression on Lebanon - which since July 12 2006 has killed over 900 people (mostly civilians), displaced nearly one million people (1/4 of Lebanon's entire population), and wrecked Lebanon's infrastructure and economy - we say: khalas! enough!

We call for an immediate end to the violence and destruction. We call on the international community to open its eyes - and on you to make your voice heard.

With our fellow activists, artists and other bloggers in Lebanon - and input from Iraq - we will produce a collaborative global webcast on Saturday August 12, from 9 to 11 p.m. Central European Time/10-12 p.m. Lebanon time

This unique free style web jam around 'frequently raised despair' will be produced at Waag Society in Amsterdam by Streamtime's Cecile Landman, Jo van der Spek, Geert Lovink and Jaromil in collaboration with Tarek Atoui, Nat Muller, Paul Keller and many others.

The Global Webjam will consist of an audio and video stream, and feature live interviews and conversations, video clips, cartoons and blog blurbs, soundscapes, DJs and VJs, a lively mix of information, art, protest, party and reflection.


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