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dear jose-carlos,

thanks for raising the issue of trans-regional funding and initiatives.

the challenges of funding are multiple and despite the fact that several conferences have raised the problem of funding none of have addressed it as such - meaning, as one of the primary themes / issues. i understand that the global leadership forum held in conjunction with isea2006 did not effectively field this issue either - and this is unfortunate insofar as this might have been the ideal forum for such discussions given that there were several funding agencies there. this issue of funding might need to be addressed at one of the upcoming forums of our community. any ideas?

as for the idea of trans-regional funding - this is a serious issue. the apec is an interesting lead though my limited understanding of their mandate suggests that the development of media arts might be well outside their radar. however, to reframe your suggested title thus - "new media and creative industries" might be one way of pitching to them. the ASEM (and its cultural arm, ASEF) might be another initiative to think about. i have been trying to work with ASEAN - the southeast asian regional organization. again, another useful discussion to place within the funding forum.


At 11:44 PM +0100 8/20/06, Jose-Carlos Mariategui wrote:
Dear Empire and PRNMS's

I am part of the PRNMS, chairing the "LAANMI" - Latin American - Asian New
Media Initiatives Group.  I am going to send some of the information in
relation to the discussions of our specific Group.

Now I want to address a key point which I believe are actually "common"
important issues in relation to all the work that is done and needs to be

This has to do with Funding and Visibility, and I am not only speaking about
'basic funding' of air tickets and accommodation (which was actually one of
the problems in the PRNMS) but also Funding long-term initiatives.  I do not
know if they are some initiatives of exchange in the Pacific Rim cultural
practice, but I believe that before discussing in specific topics, which are
all quite important, it is important to see how the topics we are discussing
could be part of a mayor trans-regional initiative.

There were many initiatives around the Pacific Rim, but perhaps the it could
be wise to contact the APEC ( http://www.apec.org/ ) and propose them to
start a Working Group on New Media and Cultural Practices what will sum all
the efforts that were deployed during the PRNMS.  There are some working
groups there suchs as the Telecommunications and Information Working Group
(TEL)  (http://www.apectelwg.org/) which I think has some of relation to the
things we had been discussing.

I hope to hear comments on these,


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> I'm think this did not make it to the list. I will forward it.

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 Fatima Lasay (digiteer@ispx.com.ph) thought you would like to see this page
 from the Korakora - Proyekto web site.

 Message from Sender:

 Hi Christina, and colleagues o the list, Unfortunately, I was not at
 PRNMS/ISEA06 so I cannot really say much about the event itself, although I
 was chair of the Educ WG (then consisting of Danny Butt (NZ), Roberto
 Verzola (Ph), Chu Chuyuan (Malaysia/Myanmar) and Eugenio Tisselli (Mx). We
 worked together have been able to meet on several ocassions prior to PRNMS
 (I have met Eugenio, 2004 in Aarhus, Chuchuyuan in Myanmar, 2004, and in
 2005 Danny Butt, Roberto Verzola and myself met in Amsterdam). Eugenio
 programmed the system for Catalan artist Antoni Abad's xexe.net, and I was
 able to meet Antoni here in Manila where he stayed for the project with
 Manila call centers. Chuyuan is now busy organizing forum in Korea on Asian
 residency programs and we communicate very little only by email. But work
 continues. Danny heads PRNMS Place, Ground, Practice WG and he co-organized
 a very successful meeting Cultural Futures in Auckland where I was able to
 participate and have a feel for the conditions there only even for very
 short time. Roberto is very busy with a mobile/SMS program for clean and
 honest elections and we have met recently, tested his program and he is
 continuing research and work on improving the system. Now I try to help
 with F/OSS advocates here in the Philippines, especially with proposed
 National Strategic ICT Roadmap 2006-2010. While our work in the old WG
 continues, it was impossible to pursue through PRNMS in San Jose as
 prospects of my going to US became more difficult (for various reasons).
 Working together beyond PRNMS/ISEA is our thrust, as is what has been
 happening. Discussing experiences, failures and successes in our individual
 efforts is especially important because it gives insights on problems not
 yet enountered, or gives new perspectives to old problems not yet solved.
 Below is message I sent to PRNMS shortly before the event, Roger Malina was
 kind enough to ask committees discuss to see how each working group would
 like to respond. I will send other previous post shortly. Regards, Fatima

 An open letter to PRNMS/ISEA06
 by admin

 Dear colleagues,

 While it is unfortunate that I cannot be with you in San Jose, I would like
 to put forward a request for your solidarity.

 Recent years have seen an extraordinary number of extra-judicial killings
 in the Philippines. Reports indicate that approximately 290 persons have
 been killed since 2004: peasants, workers, church people, journalists,
 lawyers, activists, over 70 of them are women. According to the Asian Human
 Rights Commission, these killings are preventable, "but will only stop if
 the local and international community publicly condemn and pressure the
 government of the Philippines into taking action."

 Click http://korakora.org/projects/?q=node/75 to read more on our site

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