[-empyre-] Reversal of the Crusades

Dear Friends,

I have been asked to post the first posting but I am travelling and have no access to a computer. Ana Valdes will post an article I wrote on the Reversal of the Crusades. The idea is that the Islamist Jihad is not a war of religion but an economic insurgency and revolution against the hegemonic power of the West, synbolically represented by the US. As the crusades were war of economic liberation sold to the people as wars of religion, the Islamist Jihad is projecting a religious image while its aim is to end the ruling of the oligarchic corrupted elites which have been ruling the Muslim world since the end of World War II. The US and the West are targeted because they back these elites militarily, politically and economically.

My essay is quite long, yet I hope you can read it and we can start a discussion around it.

Loretta Napoleoni
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