Re: [-empyre-] Crusades, guests and many other things

On Dec 1, 2006, at 10:57 AM, Ana Valdes wrote:

The only way I know to fight the Fundamentalism of all religions and
political ideologies is the way we, intellectuals, scholars, artists
and activists, act. For me are Literature, Art and Activism related
and give me a platform to work for a change and to work for peace and

gh comments:

The problem is always who you are beholding to, in other words who pays your bills. For example I have several of my HD_RANTS <http://> being shown at Art Basel Miami. The promoters of the video section have put restrictions on the content so that a piece like FALSE_HOPE where I talk about religion will not be presented at Miami. I am regularly asked to tone down my art work by one institution or another. In order to have any effect it is necessary to shake people out of their complacency. It is also good to challenge and question assumptions. We all hold points of view that hold our world together. When they are challenged there is the potential for shaking off beliefs.

I just saw on the TV that Michele Aoun of Lebanon who is a former General and Maronite Christian has made an alliance with Hezbollah and I beleive Hamas. He is making a bid for the Presidency if as everyone believes the current government will fall. I wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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