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Dear Raul (and Cecilia Parsberg, she has not being able to subscribe
to -empyre- due to same obscure technical problems, sad :)

I saw at the Crusading festival in Karosta a documentary made by
Indymedia Argentina
( showing the
struggle between the Mapuches indians, the original inhabitants of
Chile and Argentina, and the multinationals as Benetton trying to take
over their traditional mark to make big forests and cultivate trees
for the European paper industry.
Argentina today have political prisoners, but not from the traditional
left but from the ancient indians communities, refusing being
The peripheric places as Gaza and Trelew, in the South of Argentina,
have more in common than we guess. As Raul writes the struggles are
about the right to the resources of the land and the wars what the
multinationals are fighting today across the globe, Irak, Palestine,
South America, are only aimed to etablish the rights of the
multinationals against the rights of the inhabitants of the areas.

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Dear Ana and Empyre;

I have been reading the post and wondering how I can bring some of my
inquiries into the list. Crossing the borders is always a difficult
task and the idea of The Crusades has echoes on a recent encounter I
had with a woman media artist from Chile. She is now working on a
documentary that expose how a Canadian Gold Mining Transitional has
created ecological damage in Pascua Lama, in the north of Chile.

Although the location from where we work is Las America, we are
always confronting the issue of invasion, transgression, and border

Las Americas has an ancient history of population movement that still
energizing today's migration.

The acts of the transnational corporation are never seen as crossing
the border or transgression because of the capital they employ to
cover up their neocolonial practices in our territories, the same
practices that deteriorate our national economies forcing the people
to migrate in order to finds ways to survive.

Now days the Biotech corporations are buying our lands, figuring out
ways to copy right the ADN of our native plants (a US company has
been successful and now owns the AND of Mexican corn), destroying our
ecological system for the global market economy.

The case of Pascua Lama alerts us in front the new waves of
neocolonial practice. The region poses one of the most healthy
environment and natural water coming out natural glaciers in the

I want to bring attention to this type of border crossing, that even
though is illegal, is rising in Las Americas and comes from power
structures, corporations and government outside our region.


Ana Valdes <> escribió: I wanted to thank Loretta for her article about Crusading and Jihad. My approach to the topic Crusades is very much related to the fact of "crossing", crossing borders, crossing lines, transgressing, making new networks. The Crusades were the historical framework of a colonial enterprise but they were as well the encounter with "the Other". It was the Muslim world "otherness" who has been a beacon for intellectuals and artists for many hundreds of years. But for me as a writer and a activist the encounter doesn't to be a clash but a recognizing of the similarities, the likeness more than the differences. I spent a few days now in Karosta, Lettland, together with Jan-Erik Lundström and people from the Spanish groups of Hackitectura,, Straddle, and OVNI, Another guest was the filmmaker Paul Jenkins, who did a serie of films about Al Qaida supported by the BBC. What is the link between Al Qaida, Crusading, the refugees from Africa living in inhuman conditions in the woods of Marocco, trying to go into Europe to get a job and the Indians from Argentina and Chile fighting Benettons multinational? For me it's a kind of red thread going all these extremes groups and actions where many of today's artists (writers and visual artists) find new arenas and patterns. I am curious about -empyre-'s own reflexions about these topics. Ana

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth
with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you
will always long to return.
— Leonardo da Vinci
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"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth
with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you
will always long to return.
— Leonardo da Vinci

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