Re: [-empyre-] question to Cecilia Parsberg and Susan Meiselas and to all others

hi again Ana, et al.,
One last crazy thing, quickly, as my last post was so terribly
meandering and long-winded (sorry): would you suggest that those of us
who want to represent, critique or comment on the pain of others and
the violent events that occur elsewhere, should not try to portray
such subjects from a first-hand vantage (I mean, we non-journalists)?
-- that instead we must utilize and remediate found news images as
source material (this, in fact, is what I do), or else we must whip
things up out of some imaginary place, some internal combustion engine
where images are digested, as it were? I think that is not what you
meant at all, but it is what your reaction to the Swedish painter

Or are you saying that representation itself presents too many
contradictions for any of us to ever feel completely "comfortable"
either as producers or spectators? I'd probably go with that one.

all best,

-- 530 laguardia place #5, nyc 10012

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