Re: [-empyre-] dissing the guest list

Thanks Deborah,

Indeed - Ben Saul is Australian and does have an interest in the Sedition laws.
He was recommended to me by someone who I had previously invited, but could not
accept because of previous committments.


Quoting Deborah Kelly <>:

I think perhaps you didn't read the whole guest list,
here's one we were just introduced to:

"Dr Ben Saul is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at
the University of New South Wales, the Director of the
Bill of Rights Project at the
Gilbert + Tobin Centre for Public Law, and an
Associate of the
Australian Human Rights Centre."

To me, he sounds like someone with an informed
position on the Australian legislation. By the way,
it's not 'proposed' legislation: the bill was
introduced on 03 November and passed into law on 06
December 2005.

Also, for what it's worth, I am very pleased to have
guests reporting to us from the very teeth of the
monster empire.


--- wrote:

greetings fellow empyryeans

Whilst I welcome a discussion on anti sedition laws
and their possible
impact on artistic freedom, I am somewhat puzzled at
the choice of guests.

It would beappropriate to include in the discussion
at least one
Australian arts law specialist, someone with an
informed position on the
proposed legislation; perhaps someone from NAVA,
someone from ozco and
maybe one or two arts pollies.

Instead we are being led in this discussion by two
USA people? Sorry, I
don't get it? Can't we form an opinion on this
without being led by the


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