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I find that the term un-australian has been used continuously by the Howard
government to describe any act or section of society that they don't agree with
- asylum seekers, Aboriginal activists, the cricket?!

Argus (Canberra based street zine) put together an 'unaustralian' campaign a few
years ago that still has currency today...

unaustralian, treasonous, seditious - all seem to have definitions (legally and
colloquially) that can and are manipulated to suit political agendas - same
with free speech and democracy

Quoting Komninos Zervos <>:

if you carry a back pack and your hair is black watch out you don't get a bullet in the back!

mr howard says "it's un-australian for an aboriginal activist to burn the
australian flag" go figure.

komninos zervos
"Our Workplace Rights are NOT for sale."

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