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Deborah thanks... agreed

On 04/02/2006, at 4:10 PM, Deborah Kelly wrote:

hi, Gianni-
Simon's work was part of the show, rather than a
protest against it.

And I must have explained it poorly for it to sound
arrogant- at least, I read it as suggesting that
however poor or feeble are our attempts to make
dissenting culture, the problem of terrible government
is both a) far greater and b) to blame!

Laughter, of course, comforts us, & so is crucial at
least for that.


--- Gianni Wise <> wrote:

Hi Deborah ...
You mentioned Simon Barney's little protest at the
art work (I
guess). I didn't see the show - I was interstate -
but it is
inevitable that in these type of events that the
work would be of
'mixed' quality. Maybe Simon's protest was a little
arrogant. Guess
this is getting a bit off topic ... ? This law seems
to show a
government afraid of those who could take away "our"
"freedoms" Should we, as citizens of this Pacific
backwater island
should take pity and laugh a little at what can only
be seen as the
ridiculous .... or take them seriously?

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