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> February 2006 on -empyre- soft-skinned space
> Australia's rcently enacted Sedition Act undermines the right of free
> speech,
> which has "ever been justly
> deemed the only effectual guardian of any other right"  --James Madison
> (Fourth
> President of the United States and an author of the US Constitution)

Why are you quoting american constitutional issues in relation to a
discussion of Australian law?

> This month on -empyre- , the discussion will focus on the legal term
> sedition,
> and its political impact on global media and culture.

So we need a legal definition of "sedition" as defined in Australian law,
dont we?

> Our guests this month:  Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) members Lucia Sommer
> and
> Claire Pentecost (US), Nicholas Ruiz (US), and Ben Saul (AU)

see my earlier comments re guests.

> Please join our guests for conversation on 'sedition'  at
> http://www.subtle.net/empyre
> On an international scale,  the prosecution of Steve Kurtz from Critical
> Art
> Ensemble is a case in point. The ongoing court case with the US Justice
> Department has demonstrated the effect that the "war on terror "has had on
> limiting free speech, particularly in the arts.

Not relevent to this discussion. The incompetancies of the american legal
system have no bearing on issues in Australian art practices.

> Is this where we are headed? -empyre- in February asks the question. as
> artists
> and cultural producers are we losing our right to express ourselves and
> comment
> on the state of our society?

We apparently only have the right to be lectured on the american situation
by overseas "authorities" who have no expert knowledge of Australia.

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