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<Hi blakkbyrd,

<I am responsible for putting together the list of guest this month and
understand where you are coming from.

I dont think you do. I think it is extremely insulting to the members of
this discussion list that you can bring in two foreigners as "authorities"
on Australian legal issues.  How patronising can you get?

There is no intention to be patronising here - and I apologise to list members
who feel this way... my only intention was to open up a discussion about a
topic that has serious implications for cultural producers locally and globally

A number of people from the organisations you mentioned were invited to be
guests but did not commit to the discussion.

Why not? Are they concerned about making public statements regarding the
new legislation?

Yes - I do believe this could have been a reason why some of the intended guests
did not commit..

I know that as a moderator I should try and remain impartial (and I will attempt
to do this) BUT I personally can not subscribe to this culture of fear that has
emerged so swiftly and silently...If this is what is happening?? Or maybe I
have just lived in my Canberra bubble for too long??


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