[-empyre-] Re: sedition and nationalism

If, as people working in the arts on international mailing lists, we're talking about what it means to make work that might be termed "seditious", then I think we need to be open to learning from all kinds of expertise outside the particular nation-state that we might be in. The function of sedition laws themselves is to try and maintain a nationalist ideal of the public good that is divorced from e.g. international human rights frameworks. The irony is that the term sedition was not magically invented in Australia (or the United States) but is a cultural export that exists throughout (at least) the British Empire. So in that sense, rather than a "legal definition of sedition in Australian law" being a pre-requisite for the discussion, I think it's a distraction from the deeper questions around our orientation to nationalism and creative practice, and strategies for survival that have a lot of similarities that we can learn from.


severn@acay.com.au wrote:

I cant see it, sorry? Neither of the americans have any background in
Australian law and I am completely disinterested in anything they have to
say about american sedition when there is so much to discuss about

Not relevent to this discussion. The incompetancies of the american legal
system have no bearing on issues in Australian art practices.

So we need a legal definition of "sedition" as defined in Australian law,
dont we?

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