RE: [-empyre-] "a politically realist question"

Greetings Deborah/all,

It is a challenge, and a responsibility of thought, to consider what we are
thinking about in its fullness.  To criticize, the control of 'going apart,'
in thought, a 'going apart' from such a 'control society,' carries within
the art of such action the implicit acceptance of control of some kind;
because there is no such space of total entropy.  To speak of control or its
excess is to acknowledge and embody its prescience, in which, we all have a
hand, in terms of its direction and intensity, regardless of our station.
In the end, after the celebration of critique, we must choose our control,
or quite simply, know that control will be chosen for us, no?


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greetings, Empyre and guests. 
In response to Nicholas Ruiz the third, 
please forgive me if I misunderstand:

why do I need to determine how much martial control a
nation should have or exert, if I dare to question
that control &, say, its mechanisms?

I'm not standing for election. No-one with their hands
on, or anywhere near, that kind of power is ever going
to ask me my opinion.

I don't think it is irresponsible to ask questions
when you don't know the answers.


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