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follow Basbaum´s opening statement.
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Beggining of [one's own] [a] narrative

We start from here:

How do we relate perception, technology, and the concept of narrative?
Specially regarding this question of a "liquid" world, one of
informational fluxus, where things, ideas and beeings seem to emerge
in such an ephemeral way as never to freeze in clearly distinct

That we seem, in many senses, not to have anymore phenomena which are
stable enough as to be thinkable in modern terms - embedded in a
concept able to give account of a set of properties somehow constant -
seems to be contradictory, even paradoxical, if we consider the
calculating hunger of computers, the main operators of this
translation of our whole cosmos (everything that can be put into
langugage) in numerical terms (thus calculating those properties). I
name this process of swallowing everything in the form of bits and
algorythms, and then throwing out a chaos of exponentially multiplied
signs - from which we are here trying to devise or derive some kind of
sense, meaning or trajectory - "digital cosmophagia".

Immersed in this informational deluge - as Vilém Flusser would
probably call it -, which no one would say does not emerge as a result
of this planetary digital network, I wonder about this very idea of
narrative, the notion that a story starts, develops and suddenly ends
- a kind of crop taken from a much older and perpetual fluxus - and
what strikes me most is that not only all accounts we can canceive
converge to digitallity as the apex of many different stories, but,
most of all, even in our boldest ficcional dreams, we cannot conceive
any technological forthcomings that do not rely on informational
digital technology. So time appear to us as flowing so fast as if we
were in the the eye of a vortex, so fast as to be perceived as a
place. Space has melted with time and we maybe have to review all our
notinos of perception.

(fragments to explored: www.globalstrike.net)
Marcus Bastos

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