[-empyre-] another narrator

Dear Members and Guests,

I was at a Conference at the weekend, and one of the speakers called
my attention, given that his research is related to our running topic.
It would be nice if he could post a brief abstract and, if possible,
be more active at our debate. Follows a short bio:

Carlos Falci is assistant professor of PUC Minas in Belo Horizonte,
Brazil. He's also a researcher of NUPILL, in Santa Catarina, Brazil.
(http:/www.cce.ufsc.br/~nupill). He starts your recent research (PhD
thesis) in 2003, investigating the relations between cybertext,
immersion and the experience of time and space in cybertextual
narratives. In this investigation he deals with works that consider
digital code as a fundamental part of digital writing. Another central
question of this research is the idea that cybertext demands
collaborative process to exists in a trully way.  Currently, he
develops a research about the influence of collaborative process in
the structure of works presented in socio-technical

Marcus Bastos

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