[-empyre-] feminist cyberculture

<<But then that takes us to a whole other topic of feminist
cyberculture, doesn?t it?>>

you mentioned how archiving is important in that it preserves voices
for posterity, and how that takes you to the topic of feminist
cyberculture. I have a couple of works that interest me on the context
of liquid narratives, that might be thought of different kinds of
examples of them. Among them are Florian Talhofer and Kolja Mensing's
interactive documentary '13 stock', which is described as follows, on
Talhofer's page (http://www.talhofer.com/):

'What is life like in the ghetho? Florian Thalhofer and Kolja Mensing
spent the whole of August 2004 in a social housing project in

Another example is an old CD-ROM, Jack's in Slow Motion, that had Kiko
Goifman as its director, Jurandir Muller as executive producer and
Lucas Bambozzi as creative director. It is a multimedia essay that
deals with the same topic of Goifman's MA on anthropology, a research
that started from an 'experience with video in prison'.

My point here is that both deal with voices that are not often heard,
both are efforts to offer people a richier perspective of the ghetto
or the prison, than that that media frequently offers. So, certainly
this is a significant aspect of those examples, that is, envolving the
user in engaging experiences that put him in touch with voices that he
might not hear otherwise. But there is an important issue here, also:
both works are very sophisticated, as far as language is concerned,
what makes them also very attractive for audiences.

Do you have any examples to share, as far as, 'feminist cyberculture' goes?

Marcus Bastos

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