[-empyre-] ephemeral work should be archived

<Should ephemeral work be archived?>>
Dear Dene,

I completely agree with you, but I think there are two sides to it:
ephemeral work should certainly be archived and of course the process
should be as broad as possible; and also the other way around, should
probablye be considered, that is, we should think about forgetting a
lot of the things that are avaible.

<<I guess what I am trying to say is that a liquid narrative does not have
to be an invisible one . . .>>
certainly it does not have to be invisible... what I had in mind with
my previous comment was that it is important to communicate with, it
is important that diference is not only visible, but comprehensible.
(But, of course, it could be argued that the whole idea of what is
'comprehensible' and 'not understable' might also be in question here)

Marcus Bastos

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