[-empyre-] -empyre- in July 2006: "What is Bare Life?" collaboration with Documenta 12

July 2006 on -empyre- soft-skinned space:  "Bare Life"


Please join guests Jordan Crandall (US), Tina Gonsalves (AU), GH Hovagimyan (US), Conor McGarrigle (IR), Susana Mendes Silva (PT), and Michele White (US) as we address
a question posed by the upcoming Documenta 12:

What is bare life?

This question is one of three leitmotifs being talked about, and written about all over the world during 2006, in collaboration with the Documenta Magazine Project ( http://www.documenta12.de/english/ leitmotifs.html ) -empyre- is honored to be invited into the conversation, as an Australian based new media publication and international collaborative list, founded by Melinda Rackham in 2002. In March 2006, we spent a lively multilingual month on 'Is Modernity our Antiquity" -- and the archives for this discussion are online now at https://mail.cofa.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre/2006-March/

The Documenta Magazine project editors describe it this way......

"What is bare life?

" This second question underscores the sheer vulnerability and complete exposure of being. Bare life deals with that part of our existence from which no measure of security will ever protect us. But as in sexuality, absolute exposure is intricately connected with infinite pleasure. There is an apocalyptic and obviously political dimension to bare life (brought out by torture and the concentration camp). There is, however, also a lyrical or even ecstatic dimension to it – a freedom for new and unexpected possibilities (in human relations as well as in our relationship to nature or, more generally, the world in which we live). Here and there, art dissolves the radical separation between painful subjection and joyous liberation. But what does that mean for its audiences?"

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------------------------------------------>Jordan Crandall (US) is a media artist and theorist. His ongoing art/research project, UNDERFIRE, concerning the organization and representation of political violence, opens next October at the Seville Biennial. He is currently completing HOMEFRONT, a new 3-channel video installation that explores the effects of security culture on subjectivity and identity. His most recent essay, "Precision+Guiding+Seeing" is online at CTHEORY (2006) http://ctheory.net/articles.aspx?id=502. He is Associate Professor in Visual Arts, University of California, San Diego.

------------------------------------------->Tina Gonsalves (AU) is currently artist in residence at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London. Combining diagnostic imaging, biometric sensors and mobile technologies, she investigates emotional signatures both within the body and among interactive audiences. Since 1995 her work has shown internationally at venues including Banff Centre for the Arts (CA); Siggraph (US); International Society for the Electronic Arts 2004; European Media Arts Festival; Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (JP); Australian Centre For Photography, Sydney; Barbican (UK); Pompidou Centre (FR), Institute for Contemporary Art, London; and Australian Center for the Moving Image, Melbourne. Her music videos for Universal, BMG, EMI, and Festival Mushroom Records have been televised worldwide. http://www.tinagonsalves.com

---------------------------------------------->G.H. Hovagimyan (US) is an experimental artist working in a variety of forms. He was one of the first artists in New York to start working with the Internet and new media in the early nineties. His work ranges from hypertext works to digital performance art, installations and HD video. Recent awards include 2003 fellowship from Experimental Television Center, 2002 Artists Fellowship from Franklin Furnace, 2002 pilot artist in residence program from Eyebeam, NYC. http://spaghetti.nujus.net/artDirt/

---------------------------------------------->Conor McGarrigle (IR) is a net artist and founder of www.stunned.org. His practice involves fictional identities and “prankstavism” concerning surveillance (Spook...), identity (PLAY-lets) and art activism (IrishMuseumofModernArt.com). Together with a narrative work about artists in Dublin based on Joyce's “Ulysses”, he has launched “The Bono Probability Positioning System version 2 : Google Bono (beta)” -- a mashup using the city’s surveillance camera network, facial recognition software, and Google Maps to determine the probability of seeing Bono in real time Dublin. His work has shown at the Seoul Net Festival, File Sao Paolo, FILE RIO, Thailand New media arts festival, Fundacio La Caixa Barcelona, SIGGRAPH, ReJoyce Festival Dublin, Arthouse Dublin, Project Arts Centre Dublin, The City Arts Centre and Intermedia Cork. http://stunned.org

----------------------------------------------->Susana Mendes Silva (PT) lives and works in Lisboa, Portugal. She has been working in the interstices of intimacy and affection, but also with reflecting about the object of art. Some of her projects make a very visible bridge between these two universes, especially the site-specific or the performance works.She has recently spoke about her networked performances - artphone, 2002; art_room, 2005; and artphone, 2005 - at The Upgrade! Lisbon, and has developed the work Sheet for vector (the e-zine of virose http://www.virose.pt/) and for hidden agenda, contemporary art editions. http://www.susanamendessilva.com/

----------------------------------------------->Michele White (US) is an Assistant Professor of new media studies at Tulane University, New Orleans. Her book, The Body and the Screen: Theories of Internet Spectatorship, was just published by MIT Press. In this text she poses hybrid critical models and suggests how theories o authorship, feminist film, gender and queer studies, hypertext, and postcolonial and critical race studies offer ways to understand Internet sites. Her recent articles include: "Where Do You Want to Sit Today? Computer Programmers' Static Bodies and Disability" Information, Communication and Society 9, 3 (2006) and "The Aesthetic of Failure: Net Art Gone Wrong, Angelaki: Journal of Theoretical Humanities 7, 1 (2002). http://michelewhite.org.

with moderator--------------------------->Christina McPhee (US) Combining performance and documentary, Christina’s experimental films and digital photographic installations combine the poetics of memory with flashes of documentary and performance. Her new work on a town stricken by mudslide in coastal California, "La Conchita mon amour' will open at Sara Tecchia Roma New York, Chelsea, in October 2006. http://strikeslip.tv

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