[-empyre-] Is Modernity our Antiquity: Introducing Christophe Bruno

hi -empyre-

Please welcome Christophe Bruno (FR):

Christophe Bruno lives and works in Paris. He’s been exhibited internationally in many festivals and museums: Transmediale in Berlin, ICC in Tokyo, Nuit Blanche de Paris, File Festival in Sao Paulo, Modern Art Museum of the city of Paris, Tirana Biennale of Contemporary Art, f.2004@shangai, ReJoyce Festival in Dublin, Ichim in Paris, P0es1s.net in Berlin, Microwave Media Art Festival in Honk- Kong, Read_Me Festival in Dortmund and Aarhus, Vidarte in Mexico City...

Part of his work uses language as a global medium but he also deals with all kind of media resituating them in some critical context linked to the panoptical aspects of the Web: many of his pieces involve the idea of hijacking global symbolic forms like search engines, news portals or the blogosphere… He was awarded with an Honorary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2003 for his piece The Google Adwords Happening, in which he introduces the idea of a “generalized semantic capitalism”.

He just had a solo show at the galerie Sollertis in Toulouse where his WiFi-SM installation was exhibited for the first time. In this ironic piece, he tries to get rid of the usual interfaces and deals with the nightmare of the pain2pain. In his latest work, Human Browser, which was presented at Transmediale 06, the technology is even more hidden. The concept mixes mythologies of the separation man/ machine, globalization of speech and performativity.

He just started a new project, Cosmolalia, where he began to develop a conceptual performative pseudo-mapping of the irreducible gap between Antiquity and Postmodernity.

He divides his time between his artistic activity, teaching, lectures and publications.



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