Forward from Christophe Bruno : Re [-empyre-] Is Modernity our Antiquity: introducing Eric Kluitenberg

hi everyone, yes, it's really true, mailman only accepts plain text. This is a forward from Christophe Bruno. -cm

Christophe writes:

First, thank you very much for this invitation. To introduce myself further, and before we might talk about Modernity and Antiquity, let me start with a few links about my work. On you can find pieces based on language as a medium, where I try to grasp what I think has been renewed by the rise of the Web, like semantic capitalism in My last piece, Human Browser , a wireless Google Hack, is an adaptation of the very first piece I made in 2001:, inspired by Joyce’s definition of the Epiphany... Another work using wireless technologies is . By the way, it’s not a parody anymore since I recentely built the device (it was exhibited for the first time in Toulouse and you can see some pictures here: ; and if you visit Paris, I will be very happy to make you try it in my atelier ;-)

Anyway, I’m now working on a new project called “Cosmolalia” on
For now there is an introductory article at http://
Some of my starting points were:
1) the idea that, as we might have reached some new phase of capitalism, Science has also reached a new phase and has turned into a marketing tool for this capitalism at the “age of access” (hard science invading more and more the territory of what we call human). Cf what I called “taylorisation of speech”.
2) some similarities between our whatever-modern world and Antiquity, and for instance between the Turing test (separation between man and machine) and the mythologies related to Prometheus (separation between man and gods). But there are other ones.

In fact these similarities struck me very recentely. This resurgence of Antiquity in my life was a surprise to me and because it was so unexpected I believe there is something here to be explored further... But all this does not seem to fit exactely with the idea that Modernity would be our Antiquity. It looks more like a huge loopback in time....

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