Re: [-empyre-] Is Modernity our Antiquity? - introductory comments

Hello List,

This is my first post on the list, so i'll start by introducing myself. My
name is Thomas and I'm a graphic-designer based in Paris, so, please excuse
my English.

Le 2/03/06 5:40, « Christina McPhee » <> a écrit :

> I've been sustaining - as a rather
> personal point o view - that what separates modernity to
> contemporaneity has to do with a kind of gap, established 'round the
> 80's when something great was expected but never happened

Doesn't it seem that the relationship we have to those words, modernity and
contemporaneity, is of a completely different nature?

Modernity, as an art period (whether or not it has come to an end, which is
beyond my reasoning) can be thought of as bounded to the external
socio-technological factors of its time, such as the great technological
discoveries of the late 19th century, marxism etc., whereas contemporaneity
can only be related to our own self, in that contemporaneity, for a lack of
proper wording "travels" with us.



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