[-empyre-] Modern Antiques

So we’re supposed to riff off whether Modernism is our Classicism. I need to figure out which Modernism we are talking about and from whose view point?

As an American I generally think of the modern world as starting with the French and American revolutions. Both are Bourgeois revolutions. OK, that means the end of Medieval social structures ( you know, kings, serfs) and the establishment of the Bourgeoisie ideals of science and business and private property.
Personally I don’t think the Modern world has ended. If anything, the ideals of Science and Business keep spreading.
Anyway , I’m an artist so I think about art, art history and what I’m doing as an artist. I believe that Christiane pointed out that there are different definitions of Modernity.

Modern Art it seems to me has three main threads that distinguish it from earlier forms;
1. Deconstruction or a “Scientistic” approach to art making that involves applying scientific principals to art. This includes a dissection of the elements of art and the investigation of it’s components.
2. The game of art or art as a language game. People often talk about this as “art for arts sake” or art that is about other art. An amusing project is to read some of the 10,000 plus manifestos produced by artists in the 20th century. This list is part of that tradition.
3. Perhaps the most interesting thread and the most telling is performance art. This is a creative process that is not tied to theater and depends on media tools (cameras, recorders, computers) to verify or document its’ existence.

Obviously, this may be overly simple but I’d rather discuss art than philosophy. I also believe in elevating art rather than debasing it or subsuming it to some other discipline such as philosophy or science or politics.
As for art and politics, I really believe that being an artist is a political act in and of itself. It is an engagement is a high level discourse with the political/social arena. It is similar to the dialog/discourse between sculpture and archtecture.

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