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I can see where could be the problem to a student to unwisely consult
Dada sources... but I was not able to understand - pardon me - the
same concerning Schwitters, for he was a "expelled" "dadaist", refused
even by some of his first time friends of German dada. Someone already
said he was more dadaist than the dadaists because he refused it and
founded his own (anti)movement (he was not the only one). Schwitters
recently entered even serious discussions about art practice an alarming
number of times" sounded to me as if it is something terrible and
should be avoided. Well, at his time there were some people who
thought like this, but today? hmmm

On 3/5/06, Simon Taylor <> wrote:
> "Are the networked and performative artistic practices in which many
> of us are involved a valuable counter-balance and at the same time
> the foundations of today's "empire"?"
> Christiane
> .not counter-balance perhaps but ballast, then to Christiane's question,
> yes. And a ballooning discussion like this might remind itself how strong
> the lines of false-consciousness are (and in Nietzschean recursion endless)
> tying it down to the idea of empire it tries to lift, lift out, take, take
> off? (Something I believe Aliette has been very clear on.)
> I was put in mind of the following:
> "those monolithic forms, which apparently threaten us, are more authentic
> and generate more difference than context-specific attitudes, than the most
> scrupulous fragmentation can ever generate."
> Rem Koolhaas
> People still want to be 'shocked'. Art patrons still want their hands
> bitten. In this regard, the fort/da tricks of pomo, now-you-see-i,
> now-you-don't - or that stuff with mirrors - are hardly satisfactory.
> A silly example, perhaps, but in my little coign of the realm, every second
> artgrad student is running around with a book on Dada. Kurt Schwitters has
> recently entered even serious discussions about artpractice an alarming
> number of times.
> I tend to agree with John Ralston Saul that we have reached the end of
> 'globalisation's' ideological tenure and require more ballast not to freely
> signify - nothing - endlessly. I like Henry Warwick's answer, too.
> Simon Taylor
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