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On 8.3.2006, at 11:15, Christina McPhee wrote:

Warren Sack has written a very interesting article on the aesthetics of information visualization in which he references Benjamin Buchloh who described this teleology of conceptual art as an "aesthetic of administration." Sack suggests that we can understand contemporary database-based (databased?) work in a similar way because metaphorically and literally, computers are an outgrowth of bureaucracy:

Perhaps this isn't really relevant to the discussion but just for clarity, no, we can't used 'databased' instead of 'database-based' because work based on data doesn't necessarily have anything to do with databases. The significance of the database is not the data but the organization/categorization/relation of the data.

On another note, someone asked, "What's the topic". Early off in the discussion, I posted a message that appears to have gone largely unseen. The only reply to it was from Lucio. There I did in fact ask what the question "Is Modernity our Antiquity" is. It's available in the archives at March/msg00012.html

Pall Thayer
Pall Thayer

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