[-empyre-] transformation and transmission: local and network

Evidently this conversation uses some of the rhetoric of modernist discourse but is itself not
modernist sui generis. Indeed the list itself is an instance of the N state networked database art practice.
-empyre- seeks posts that illuminate

" present-day transformative processes: What kinds of mentalities have evolved in various regions? What kinds of discussions are taking place on the changes occurring in the various economic, social, intellectual and artistic milieus? Which impulses can be derived for the international discourse from these regional self-concepts? An important aim of the network is to provide a broader forum in which authors, theorists and artists who work on the local implementation of discursive practices can expound on their experiences, and compare these experiences with those of people in other situations and contexts"

(this from the remit of Documenta 12 magazine project)


On Mar 9, 2006, at 11:57 AM, Christiane Robbins @ Jetztzeit wrote:
I'm not at all sure if we ( you, Pall, and I ) are addressing the same issues in this email exchange, as it appears somewhat slippery.

What does strike me in this exchange and the subsequent on-line discussion is that there is seemingly an absence in your emails ( below and another recent one re: database ) of a referent to anything beyond formal considerations of materiality/technicality. This, of course, speaks to a modernist position - relative to late 20c art history/critical theoretical positions.

And, quite obviously, I am/have been restricting my comments only the specificity of a late 20c visual art/media trajectories - not the entirety of the 20c complex of notions of modernity.... which is way, way beyond my level of expertise!

In any case, thanks for the exchange -


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