Re: [-empyre-] Is Modernity our Antiquity? fugue: Forward fromChristiane Paul

I didn't intend to suggest that the ways in which modernist and
postmodernist ideas inform our current n-state constitute a process of

I think there has been a small displacement of a petit-a ... j'en ai honte a

Regarding the discourse about (N) or the 'next' thing to 'succeed'
postmodernism and modernism -- one catches a glimpse of a gyre shining out
there at the edge of the mind.  Ah, on closer examination (zoom in, examine,
pan (must be in VRML) !   A  Hegelian model?  to whit, transcendence
achieved through a third path dialectically generated
from the interplay of two previous models (the spiral).

Christine for neither Christina nor Christiane: a fugue endured and
forwarded themes led me to skip track. Sorry.

I see the current state more as one of rupture than one of synthesis.

I agree, Christiane, 'rupture'; but within/on the level plane field of the
current N-State is rupture a term of consistency or intensity, or entity? I
mean, does it fold and wrinkle and hide things, little things, in its
creases? Is crisis there possible? Implied? Or is compliance necessary on/in
its echelon? (Do the people (t)here hear music?) And is, then, 'analogy'

A bit of silliness but: do we keep our composure on stage? while the people
below bang about looking for lost props - potentially to forward a progress,
start a scene ... or two?

Or is the N-State itself the crisis that leads to fugue and otherwise goes
begging, mining the memory for other crises adequate to explain our own?

Simon Taylor

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