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Perhaps it could simply be considered as subject to mutability.... or is this dependent upon a corporeal frame?

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>Simon wrote:
>I agree, Christiane, 'rupture'; but within/on the level plane field  
>of the
>current N-State is rupture a term of consistency or intensity, or  
>Rupture as term of consistency -- interesting question; rupture  
>suggests inconsistencies but perhaps we take the latter for granted  
>and understand rupture as continous fabric of contemporary existence  
>(that has a certain elasticity and moldability). This seems to  
>connect to Aliette's remark that topology can't be understood along  
>discrete time / space axes or states any more but
>is characterized by continuum and plasticity.
>Anything, including rupture, can have or be intensity.
>It might be difficult to understand rupture as entity since it always  
>implies inter-relationships rather than a particular and discrete unit.
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