RE: [-empyre-] Is Modernity our Antiquity

> why don't we start by you telling me what are these 
> "differences in degree" 
> ? In the mean time I read your article 
I never got around yet to answering your question here, sorry.
Bon, it's rather obvious from what i read and see from you (admiringly,
you're way above me artistically) that our analysis of  a BPSC or something
of that order is quite similar. The difference in degree (besides you having
yours and me none to show for ;-)) is that as a poet the thing is attacking
the very core of my business, and i can't allow those things to happen
anymore, not like i did in the past 20 years or so on a similar minimalistic
sado-masochistic stanza. So, however pathétique this may sound, the degrees
are degrees of pain or inability to stand it any longer.
My admiration goes to how splendidly you put your finger on the pain, and
visualise it with enjoyable irony. On a critical note one might project that
its visualisation leads to usable feedback for further refinement when it is
mediated by the same mechanisms that apply it. But that's more likely the
paranoia version of my crankyness.

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