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part of the problem is that students are learning ( an therefore artist/ teachers are
teaching) the algorithm as written  by those who were/ are engaged in institutional
critique --  now, we all know the institutions 9museums, galleries, curators, critics,
theorists, historians) loved this critique because it gave all power to them.  this
approach whcih places blame and there fore volition with the system actually empowers
those institutions to appropriate and define cultural production - rather than merely be
a condition of such production - This took the burden off the artist/ audience, who in
turn were happy to be relieved of all obligations to engage in the construction/
maintance of the cultural subject -- Modernism/ post-Modernism dis-struction of the
cultural subject emposwered them to be passively and knowingly passive -- as a probe: it
might now be time to re-read Marx's thesis on Feurbach - and re-contextualism them in
terms of culture rather than history -- 

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> Wow .... the narrative for this algorithm is so ... cute ... its almost 
> endearing.
> However, we are just skimming here and I find when this surface slide remains 
> unexamined, it becomes somewhat problematic.  This penchant for glibness may 
> well be informing the dialectics of this conversation ... and/or it may simply 
> be adding to the paradox.
> Further thoughts?
> Best,
> Chris

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