[-empyre-] the devil, the monkey and the cathedral (not to mention the slim dog)

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all has been said about art critics:
frame, prison, block, stagnation, chatter, brain drain, ideological fart in the strong wind

a plea for an inversion of focus: don't use the lens to have a bigger picture of the sun, but to light the fire. ART relates to money, aRT to genius, art to human beings.

Emotions are self explicatory: language arrives after, like the forensic after the crime, and uses sharp thoughts to dissect the emotion-as-a-dead-corpse. Professional language users that talk about their dissections are part of an economical mechanism. Emotion crafters get lost in the tide, like the fart over mentioned.

new-ism, any-ism: tools for the devil
check were is the devil's hand in the preceding statement

existence of degrees of freedom and choices. To research with them and against them is a non historical non evolutive activity. Is a human activity. context gives the color. When used in improper context they get the color green (dollars). The emotion they transmit is the one of the package. West and East have developed similar taste for package in XX century.

The monkey hits with her stick.

Under the hood we keep building cathedrals. The bishop pays for them.

the slim dog howls at the tired moon and we wait the tide to get stronger.

best regards to Aristotele


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