Re: [-empyre-] FW: software art (noising like it's some pretext from the backrow) (off topic)

Hello Dirk,
I got some fresh air from your noise. Yust feeling very alone today. I will not add anything useful to your answers.

Nel mezzo cammin de nostro vita is not the same as in the middle of the
course of our lives. Why bother? Because nel mezzo cammin... is not the same
as in the middle of the... Untsoweiter ...

Is not about the translation. Is about the people the communication passes through, the form it is passed, the reason it is formed, the history of these forms. OK. There are interesting rules in this complexity? Patterns? Can it be brought to a higher level of abstraction?
If the answer is yes, the game starts again, and I am playing it and is not as if the games starts again in the head. If I play those rules maybe I can implement them and let them trans-code, trans-form something else... And this is the principle i think is most interesting to me, in the realm of software art. Implementing transformations that underline the beauty of processes in a complex, human, environment.


Scale matters, position matters, division matters, time matters. Even if
time is a human illusion, time matters. Literally. (In Dutch you can only
say "doet er toe", you can't make the "matter" link,- does that mean
anything? Sure, it's a comment on the configuration as we are having it.)

Just noticed that complex environement can have a dialectic with complex, even changing rules...

Have a nice day


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