[-empyre-] noiseless world: Hamed´s first post

I) How should we understand "better life," "goals,"
"utopia," "world without noise"? In what sense? In
what contexts? Benjamin's "The work of art in the age
of its technological reproducibility" is his most used
essay and, at the same time, his most misunderstood
essay. Common readings of this essay, most of the time
superficial, fail to grasp closely entwined ideas of
Benjamin in this essay. The task of any reading of
this essay should be precisely reading of this essay
in the light of other ideas of Benjamin. What is at
stake here is to grasp Benjamin's actualization of all
his ideas in the context of technological
reproducibility. I would like to begin with some
questions that can shed light on my standpoint in this
1. What will happen to technological medium in the
time of resurrection?
2. After the messianic fulfillment of history, how
will be the figure of technological medium?
3. What is pure technological medium? In what sense?
4. What is technological medium of redeemed humanity?
5. What is the difference between language of birds
and language of technological medium?
6. How can we awake the involuntary memory of
technological medium? Is it possible?
7. How can we erect the idea of childhood and history
for technological medium?
8. Where is the place of technological medium between
human, nature, animal, angle and demon?

Hamed Taheri

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