[-empyre-] noiseless world: Maria Moreira's first post

Some points, loose, lost, looping...

The knowledge matrix able to relocate utopia is learning - the knowing not to know.

To share a secret is not to know or to reveal the secret, it is to
share we know not what: nothing that can be determined'. Derrida (1992
p. 80)

Share-ability, this is a space of friction, tactile - some noise will
be generated, and then listened to

Or would be the other way around, one listen to, then the noise becomes presence

The gesture, the use, the model of use,  a personal folding for
unstable media -still possible to play with magnetos?

A personal unfolding - vinyl records' social scratching

Large c-prints of pinhole camera snapshots done by favela kids

Persons inside a fold, going in and out, crossing different cultural
time zones/technological acting out - will locale remain the same?

Model of use + time = the surface of the world offers resistance to
programmatic intentions, maybe


Derrida, Jacques.(1992) The Gift of Death. Chicago: The University of
Chicago Press. 1995


Maria Moreira

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