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I hate to be a stickler but the title of Benjamin's essay is , "The Work of Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction."

In the essay Benjamin talks about the "aura" of the artwork. This aura is a vague idea. Benjamin's discussion within the art world continues to this day. What gives value to any work of art? What is it's meaning. Anyway, his position was that the unique art work was subsumed by mass production and distribution. A sort of democratization of the art experience. Duchamp continued the discussion with his use of mass produced objects, the "readymades" but he just the opposite he created an aura around a common object that had none. The dynamic in the art world is always towards the reification of an object. The 1980's brought another attack via appropriation. Sherrie Levine's re-photographing of Walker Evan's photos is the famous example. In present there is a battle raging around intellectual property and copyright. The possession of a unique artwork then has not withered away as Benjamin predicted.

I see no connection whatsoever to any sort of millenial transformations in Benjamin's original essay. Indeed, I believe he was trying to debunk that sort of magic thinking as being dangerous.

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he work of art in the age
of its technological reproducibility"

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