Re: [-empyre-] clarifying noiseless challenge

On Nov 3, 2006, at 9:23 AM, Timothy Conway Murray wrote:

Those of us writing from within the patronage of American
universities are fully sensitive to the increasing corporatization of the
research model and of its drive to envelope (and silence)
counterdiscourses emerging within the fluid fields of digital art and

One can also work outside of the University and one can work outside of the "art market."

Perhaps the key part to the internet is it's "no-place" location. Digital art is essentially art made with computers. A critique of digital art is where one makes digital art that highlights it's inherent control mechanisms. What I mean is that computer programming is a control structure as is most logical abstractions that result in a code structure. Being an artist on the other hand has to to with liberation. An art that challenges or points the way away from corporate/government/ control is liberating.

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