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On Nov 6, 2006, at 5:31 PM, sergio basbaum wrote:

the impact of technology (digital) on culture as we are all
experiencing in contemporary cyberdreaming societies.

GH responds:

Here's the trajectory or morphology of one aspect of my work; performance art. In the 1970's I did performance art.
Performance art moved the location of the art act to the body rather than the art object. I did "punk" performances for video. The video space was a different location. recently I've been re-visiting the video-performance but this time the location is on a video blog on the networks. I perform solely for what I can do in post-production digital editing. I sample myself and turn myself into a digital object/copy. This takes the site and location of the art and the body and digitizes it. In some sense it is both closer and more physical and at the same time more ephemeral.

Here's some links:

rick sucker rap - 1978 < rich_sucker_rap.mp4>
RANTAPOD - ongoing <>
HD_RANTS - 2006 <>

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