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From: Johannes Birringer <Johannes.Birringer@brunel.ac.uk>
Date: Nov 26, 2006 10:43 PM
Subject: RE: noiseless art / redemptive
To: sergio basbaum <sbasbaum@gmail.com>

As Hamed works in theatre and has raised the question about the
languages of technological media,
i am trying to imagine how performance *(beyond the Grotowskian sacred
actor signalling through the flames) can intimate the transfigurations
of the redemptive.
i have no idea. But if i look at the digital medium derived from
bodycapture, and real-time transpositions, it is worth asking whether
indeed the element of semblance (Schein) has been entirely replaced by
the element of play (Spiel).

What would be the consequence of such play with data? is data
visualization a pure language?

an image.

xx Johannes Birringer

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