Re: [-empyre-] final remarks on noiseless world

1. What is the new aura of technological media? 
2. In the context of Benjamin's angles (angle of
history, angle of art, demon and ...), how should we
grasp the figure of angle and technological media?
3. In the melancholic light of noise (language) as
punishment, what is at stake; the (positive)
aesthetique of noise-John Cage- or  the enigmatic
struggle of Kafka's figures to deactivate noise?
4. What is the relationship between CUT (that
intrested Benjamin in the language of film) or MONTAGE
as the essence of technological media and name of God
(that is, alphabet)? 
5. fato profugus
--- sergio basbaum <> wrote:

> Hi empyreans,
> It's been a very interesting month. There's a lot of
> things to read
> and think about, and I thank all  those who took
> part in november's
> discussion.
> Guests don't have to, but are invited to make their
> final remarks on
> the topics we've been pursuing, and/or any further
> directions they may
> want to point or consider.
> I'll not make a balance of the month myself now.
> However, although
> I'll keep considering the limits and openings
> presented by the notion
> of "noiseless world" I've tried to present to this
> forum, it has
> surely been enriched by the different contribuitions
> offered. Also, I
> believe those who appreciate the great work of
> Walter Benjamin have
> certainly, at least, enjoyed Hamed's great domain of
> Benjamin's work
> as a whole.
> I'll leave this space for next moderator on
> december, so I already
> thank the guests Maria, Hamed, Johannes, Miguel and
> Michelle for
> sharing their time, insights and references, and
> also Christina, Jim
> and the [empyre] team for their support.
> Space is opened for any final remarks.
> good vibes from Brazil
> S.
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> empyre forum

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