[-empyre-] Thanks to Paula and guests--and welcome Sergio Basbaum

Many thanks to Paula Roush in London for her fine work in organizing
September on -empyre-: 'Mobile Media'. Thanks also to Lucas Bambozzi for his
part from São Paulo. September's featured guests also included Marina
Vishmidt (London), Luis Silva (Portugal), Heather Corcoran (CA/UK), and
Joanna Callaghan (Au/Eng). Thanks also to those who participated in the

In signing off for September, I'd like to welcome Sergio Basbaum as a
new -empyre- moderator. Great to have you as a mod, Sergio.

Sergio Basbaum has a PhD in Comunication and Semiothics, and teaches at
Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP). The main focus
of his is the relations among perception, art and technology, a
territory in which he has been developing different approaches to
several contemporary issues. Basbaum did his graduate studies in
Cinema, and is also a musician, having issued one album of his
instrumental music works in 1999. He has also published a book,
"Sinestesia, arte e tecnologia" (Synesthesia, art and technology), in
2002. His doctorate thesis, "O primado da percepção e suas
consequências nos ambientes midiáticos" (The primacy of perception and
its consequences in mediated environments") was completed in
2005, and he is currently involved in various artistic and academic

Best wishes,

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