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Hi Renne and all,

It´s perfectly ok for me if my proposal is not the one chosen for next
month. It´s just that Jim asked about ideas, so I've suggested this,
as it is something I'm working into.

But I´ve read in this list some very interesting posts by Jordan
Crandall in which I'm surelly interested as much.

And I have here an excelent book he edited some years ago, too.

Please everybody feel confortable to chose whatever subject seems more
feeding for provocative.

noisily good wishs from Brazil


On 10/4/06, Renee Turner <> wrote:
Hello all,

Sorry for posting slightly late on the list.

I was thinking about how we could structure this conversation.
Perhaps to kick things off, maybe Ryan can talk a little bit about
the context of Crandall's project, and then we can discuss our

You never know Sergio, we might eventually end up at "The work of art
in the age
of noiseless utopia" - or something close.   ;-)

De Geuzen is looking forward to this months discussion.

Renee (on behalf of De Geuzen)

On 3 Oct 2006, at 00:29, Tracey Meziane wrote:

> October on -empyre-
> This month on -empyre- the focus will be on a dialogue between Ryan
> Griffis and De Geuzen, that will provide an opportunity to explore
> themes underlying their participation in the Chicago chapter of Jordan
> Crandall&#8217;s &#8216;Under Fire&#8217; project.
> Some of the potential areas of discussion may include &#8216;a
> research as
> practice&#8217; approach to creative production, DIY tools, amateur vs
> professional forms of activist practice, notions of
> &#8216;commitment&#8217; and
> &#8216;issues of engagement.
> Guest Biographies>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Ryan Griffis is an artist and sometimes-amateur writer, curator and
> tour
> guide. He currently writes reviews regularly for ArtUS magazine and
> has
> written for, New Art Examiner and various other zines and
> journals. Ryan's art practice centers around an interest in the
> critical
> potential of tourism and a quasi-fictional travel agency called the
> Temporary Travel Office. The Travel Office's recent projects include
> research into the connection between parking lots and utopian
> capitalism
> and an unofficial residency with the National Park Service in
> Florida to
> visualize the neglected history of race relations there. His
> curatorial
> projects include YOUGenics, an exhibition exploring the social
> implications of genetic technologies and most recently, Under Fire an
> exhibition based on artist Jordan Crandall's multidisciplinary and
> collaborative discussions around organized violence. He currently
> teaches Art & Design at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
> De Geuzen (a foundation for multi-visual research) is Riek Sijbring,
> Femke Snelting and Renee Turner. Collaborating since 1996, they have
> deployed a variety of strategies both on and offline to explore their
> interests in female identity, critical resistance, representation, and
> narrative archiving.  Their research-oriented works and DIY activities
> have been featured in Rhizome, Manifesta 3 (Slovenia) Mute and the
> Kuenstlerhaus Bremen (Germany).  Some of their most recent projects
> include, a temporary conversion of a bridge-watcher's house into a
> news
> kiosk,  a workshop on future mobile media, a Global Anxiety Monitor
> ( ) and a Critical Browser (http://www.
> ) While some of their projects are by commission,
> many are self-initiated. For a general overview, see: http://
> www.geuzen.
> org/
> We are very pleased to welcome our guests and look forward to the
> October discussion on -empyre-.
> Tracey Benson
> PhD Candidate || Centre for New Media Arts
> The Australian National University
> skype: byte-time
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