Re: [-empyre-] Introductions and beginnings (October on -empyre-)

On Oct 7, 2006, at 2:35 AM, Renee Turner wrote:

of positivist methodologies. Most of the examples also incorporated an engagement with sub-rational forces.

I like this idea of sub-rational forces....tell more?

This is somewhat difficult to respond to... and something i tried to look at with online works in a show for turbulence, that, coincidentally, deGeuzen was also part of :)
Maybe i'm getting a bit self-referential and circular by pointing to instances of my own process... and i'm fairly uncomfortable with abstraction and generalizations, so i'll try to frame some case studies and specific examples.
i'll have to come back to the other thoughts regarding pacing and reading in exhibitions, pragmatism and the nuances of collaboration - great places to continue!

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