Re: [-empyre-] Introductions and beginnings (October on -empyre-)

I like this idea of sub-rational forces....tell more?

This is somewhat difficult to respond to... and something i tried to look at with online works in a show for turbulence, that, coincidentally, deGeuzen was also part of :)
Maybe i'm getting a bit self-referential and circular by pointing to instances of my own process

Please, be self-referential as your curatorial work points towards a variety of practices and methodologies outside of your own.

And I ask about your use of the word "sub-rational", precisely because it is an idea you've carried from previous curatorial projects. And to come back to the legacy of Sekula, Rosler and the critical documentary, "sub-rational" suggests something else, an altogether different approach.

i'll have to come back to the other thoughts regarding pacing and reading in exhibitions, pragmatism and the nuances of collaboration - great places to continue!

Yes, I agree....and am looking forward to reading your next mail...

all the best (and good weekend to all Empyreans)

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