Re: [-empyre-] Tactics and Strategies

Danny Butt wrote:

I mean, one's theoretical critique of a particular social process (e.g war/militarism) may not always be what you want on a bumper sticker, but to understand how oneself is implicated in war and militarism might allow you to make better bumper stickers, and also to develop a sustainable platform for generating bumper stickers and other related works.

Having spent a certain amount of my life searching for the best graphic slogans, I want to applaud this statement!

What I like is the link between the complex and the simple.

The anti-theory bias is understandable, when "theory" is a name for third-generation recyclings of ideas overblown by prestige struggles born of the narcissism of minor differences.

But in today's societies, dominated by applied behavioral research, theory is also a way to create yourself, in spite of and against all those who want to do that little job for you.

We don't have too much theory. We have too little usable theory.

best, BH

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