Re: [-empyre-] Tactics and Strategies (bumperstickers)

Hoping this isn't too lateral, 

but speaking of understanding one's own level of
implication, specifically in war/miltarism, & of
perfect slogans, I saw a giant 4WD (I think in the US
they're called SUVs) sporting a bumper sticker that


which left me speechless, which i guess was its


--- Brian Holmes <> wrote:

> Danny Butt wrote:
> >>  I mean, one's 
> >> theoretical critique of a particular social 
> process (e.g 
> >> war/militarism) may not always be what you want
> on a  bumper sticker, 
> >> but to understand how oneself is implicated in
> war  and militarism 
> >> might allow you to make better bumper stickers,
> and  also to develop a 
> >> sustainable platform for generating bumper 
> stickers and other related 
> >> works.
> Having spent a certain amount of my life searching
> for the 
> best graphic slogans, I want to applaud this
> statement!
> What I like is the link between the complex and the
> simple.
> The anti-theory bias is understandable, when
> "theory" is a 
> name for third-generation recyclings of ideas
> overblown by 
> prestige struggles born of the narcissism of minor
> differences.
> But in today's societies, dominated by applied
> behavioral 
> research, theory is also a way to create yourself,
> in spite 
> of and against all those who want to do that little
> job for you.
> We don't have too much theory. We have too little
> usable theory.
> best, BH
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