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Hi blakkbyrd,

Perhaps it would be more constructive to shift the discussion towards
another area of de geuzen's work that has evolved from the t-shirts. So
far the issue of renaming has produced  a number of responses from
-empyreans-, and, by all accounts, this is a topic that elicits strong,
personal and ideological reactions.

If I could make some linkages to other work, I see that the anxiety
monitor does use words in a similar way, but with different outcomes.
Instead of reclaiming meaning this work relays the responses from
google, the most popular searching tool on the www. What I have found
with google in terms of image searches, is that is very limited. Correct
me if I am wrong, but from what I have seen the image search relies on
the image name, whereas altavista, for example, puts the image in
context with the web page - with a more meaningful result.

The anxiety monitor, if read in these terms, is then a potential play on
one-sightedness and naming conventions, forgetting about context. 

Reclaiming words as a process that is all about resituating context.

What do other -empyreans- think about this?


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> Hi  blakkbyrd,
> I really don't have too much to add to this thread anymore beyond what

> has been said (in my earlier mails and Ryan's recent post),  except 
> for the fact that the definition appears in Dutch on the Dutch 
> webpage, in English in the English page and in French on the French 
> page.  And the history of our name is described on our FAQ link.  Next

> to this, the definition label is sewn into every t-shirt.
> best,
> Renee

hi renee

your failure to address my question [ie relying on Ryan to answer for
you] gives me the confirmation I was seeking.  If you didnt have
anything to hide, you would respond and give us your results.


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