[-empyre-] con-firmations

On Oct 27, 2006, at 12:42 AM, blakkbyrd wrote:

your failure to address my question [ie relying on Ryan to answer for you] gives me the confirmation I was seeking. If you didnt have anything to hide, you would respond and give us your results.

oh, come on blakkbyrd.
what's the confirmation that you were seeking?
that someone doesn't agree with you, or vice versa? self-satisfaction in being "right"? (which is what it sounds like if you were merely seeking confirmation of something you already believed)
why the projection (onto a list) of such authority?
what is your critique exactly? and what is there to "hide" as you put it? and who is the "us" you speak of that needs to be shown "results"?
let's be clear in the accusations we make (and how we make them), at least if we're interested in having a discussion. if not, then i guess it doesn't matter.
perhaps it doesn't, since you have evaded the challenges to your questions far more than anyone has evaded your demands, which i think people have generously engaged.

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