[-empyre-] Epilogue

Dear all, my forewords

When I tell "reality" that is of the symbolic reality of the text (of
course). The text as alternative reality at Baudrillard - may be.

When I tell "object" of course it is of virtual objects (philosophical
concepts, signs and so on) - since the commodity to the language.

To Danny:
When I assure that Baudrillard is not homophobe nor misogynist: he expresses
an hetero male and where is the problem at the moment his thought is a
thought of otherness? What could it best correspond to his thought but the
transgenre? Exactly the radical hypothesis of singularity. There does not
exist two indentical transgenres: they are all each one a singular event.
Hybrid can reproduce itself. Not Transgenre at the moment he has made a
choice to build its proper singular body as destiny (note fate). So please
consider heterosexuality as singularity.

Sontag has said "Baudrillard will not stop growing". And they were always in
struggle - may be a defy of impossible seduction? He always provocates her-
but always one responding the other as this shock on Abu Graïb:

We remember that probably these two texts compose a critical diptych to
tribute the society from which such things are possible to come to the other

Pornographie de la guerre
Jean Baudrillard
QUOTIDIEN : mercredi 19 mai 2004
War Porn

Regarding the Torture of Others
By Susan Sontag
Published: May 23, 2004

More their common interest for Barthes and on Photography.

What Jean was reading in September was to find something of inside illness
thought from Susan Sontag's writings and searching on her proper illness in
it; he answered me : "it is that she had several cancers so she can tell of
it. It is important for me to read her..."

And now, don't you know what? Can die in New York an Paris each part, at
three years of difference, but their tombs are exactly in the same cemetery
of Montparnasse, in Paris.


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